Punch Drunk DVDs: ‘Ready Player One’, And More!


From mastermind filmmaker Steven Spielberg comes the hit new
sci-fi action adventure film Ready Player One.  Based on the 
bestselling novel of the same name, the future-set film tells the story
of Wade Watts, a young man, who, like most people in the year 2045, is immersed
in the OASIS, a virtual reality world where anything is possible. When it’s
creator (Oscar winner Mark Rylance) suddenly dies, his big secret is revealed-
he hid a secret Easter Egg somewhere in the world, and the person who finds it
will inherit his fortune. The OASIS descends into chaos, as people stop at
nothing to uncover the Egg. Alongside his unlikely group of friends, Wade sets
out to find the Egg first and bring peace to the OASIS.

We Said: “Nostalgia is a
precious thing, and nobody nurtures it better on the big screen than Spielberg
does. From the jukebox soundtrack to the John Hughes-esque love story,
Spielberg manages to inject just enough heart into all of that spectacle. Ready
Player One
probably isn’t going to sit alongside E.T. as one of
Spielberg’s all-time greats, but what if E.T. could cross paths with Donkey
Kong? Now that would be something.” Rating:
3.5 out of 5