Teaser For Nicolas Winding Refn’s Ultra-Violent Amazon Series ‘Too Old To Die Young’

Oh yeah, this is Nicolas Winding Refn alright. How do I know? Because I have no idea what the Hell is going on in this teaser for Amazon crime series Too Old to Die Young. Not that it’s necessary to know everything, but this footage is little more than an atmospheric teaser.

Miles Teller, Jena Malone,  Billy Baldwin, John Hawkes, and Cristina Rodlo star in the series that explores the Los Angeles criminal underbelly including the Yakuza, Russian mafia, Mexican drug cartels, and more.  The style has been described as close to Refn’s Pusher trilogy, casting a wide net around various characters and their existential journeys.

Refn is working alongside acclaimed crime novelist and comic book writer Ed Brubaker, who is co-writing the 10-episode season’s scripts. No word on when Too Old to Die Young premieres, expect it to appear on Amazon sometime in 2019.