Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool’s Future As Part Of An ‘X-Force’ Movie

Deadpool 2 hits theaters in a few days (my review here), but attention has long since turned to what is next for the mouthy mercenary. Ryan Reynolds has teased fans with the possibility of an X-Force movie that supplants a true Deadpool sequel, but that is really going to depend on how audiences react to the team’s first appearance. It’s…unconventional, I’ll say that much. But now Reynolds is opening up about the future of Deadpool and X-Force in a new interview with Collider, and it sounds like plans are in the very earliest stages.

Reynolds talks about his desire to work with Drew Goddard, who came aboard to write and direct the X-Force script last year but has been busy with directorial debut Bad Times at the El Royale

“I just wanna work with Drew. I mean, I love him and he has such an interesting take on where he wants to take that world. I see it being a real ensemble on a lot of levels just because I think it’s interesting for Deadpool to kinda function in the way he does in his own universe. You always get to sort of find some way to position him as the underdog or take everything away from him, but for him to function in an ensemble [in ‘X-Force’] is a lot of fun. I think there’s a real opportunity to not burden the narrative by shattering Wade’s life, so then at the beginning our movie you get to have him just be part of the team, which is obviously a very challenging prospect for someone like Wade Wilson. So, I’m really excited about that. I’m excited about a couple new characters that we’re talking about. And I’m really especially excited to work with Drew. He’s just amazing.”

The wait should give Drew time to finish up his current project, and Fox the chance to see how fans react to Deadpool 2. It’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.  Reynolds adds that there “isn’t a script yet” but a storyline that everybody digs, which is a good start.

Meanwhile, there’s still some doubt that an X-Force movie would be R-rated. It should be a given that Deadpool’s violent/vulgar activities would warrant it, but this is something different. Fox may want the teamup flick to set Deadpool in an all-ages appropriate setting, Reynolds has an idea on what may happen but says it’s too early to know anything…

“It’s all story first. I don’t think anybody’s thinking about the rating. I mean, my sort of wild guess would be that it would be an R-rated movie, but again, right now we’re just assembling the troops to figure out what story we would tell. And it’s a ways away from shooting still, and I don’t even have an idea as to the exact date. But yeah, we’ll see. Story first though.”

I think with Goddard writing the script rather than Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick there is a much better chance to see a PG-13 X-Force film.

Reynolds was also asked about the pending sale of Fox to either Disney or Comcast, but of course had nothing new to offer. It’s “business as usual” at Fox, which has been obvious to anyone paying attention. They are proceeding ahead like nothing will happen and honestly? It might not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Deadpool 2 opens May 18th!