Box Office: ‘Rampage’ Roars With $148M Global Debut, ‘A Quiet Place’ Hits $150M Worldwide

1. Rampage (review)- $34.5M
After scoring one of the biggest hits of last year with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Dwayne Johnson looks to have another smash on his hands. The video game adaptation Rampage opened with an impressive $34.5M, and while that may not look like all that much, consider that it isn’t too far off from what Jumanji did. It was largely word of mouth that powered that film and I suspect the same will apply here as the reviews are good and audiences are enjoying what is a true popcorn flick. It remains unclear how leggy it’ll be here with Avengers: Infinity War looming, but internationally Johnson is a megastar and Rampage has earned $148M worldwide as a result.
2. A Quiet Place– $32.6M/$99.6M
John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place continues to shatter expectations, slipping just 35% for $32M and nearly $100M domestic after two weeks.  Worldwide it has now grossed over $150M, incredible for a film that only cost $17M. The second week drop is incredibly low for the genre which usually sees 50% to 60% tumbles or more, so it may still be in theaters when more details on the already-developing sequel emerge.
3. Truth Or Dare (review)- $19.8M
It was a good weekend for horror as Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare survived negative reviews to earn $19.8M.  The Final Destination-esque film was unusual for the studio who have been on a hot streak well-received films Get Out, Happy Death Day, and Split. And it’s probably a case of the name Blumhouse carrying a lot of weight with genre fans, as it should.
4. Ready Player One– $11.2M/$114.6M
5. Blockers– $10.2M/$36.9M
6. Black Panther– $5.3M/$673.7M
7. Isle Of Dogs– $5M/$18.4M
8. I Can Only Imagine– $3.8M/$74.9M
9. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony– $3.7M/$37.8M
10. Chappaquiddick– $3M/$11M