Podcast: Let’s Talk About Sundance, Shall We?

Not so fresh from Park City and recovered from a week long bout of the Sundance Flu, I can finally get back to the business of Cinema Royale! And on a week where the only new movie was Helen Mirren’s WINCHESTER, which they didn’t even bother to screen for us, it’s as good a time as any to recap the best from Sundance!

My home Chris Bumbray of Joblo.com will be joining me because he’s the only guy I know who sees and reviews more Sundance movies than me. We’ll discuss whether there were any potential Best Picture nominees, breakout flicks, and trends.
Plus, I’ll bring you my interview with Nic Cage, director Panos Cosmatos, and Linus Roache to talk about their Sundance Midnight hit, MANDY! 


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