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Michael Keaton Joins With ‘Collateral Beauty’ Director For ‘What Is Life Worth’

A couple of years ago Oscar and Emmy-winning director David Frankel took a sought-after script and churned out the absurdly horrible Collateral Beauty. Here’s hoping he fares much better this time because he’s got an exceptional story and star to work with. Frankel will direct Michael Keaton in What Is Life Worth, from a Black List script by Kong: Skull Island writer Max Borenstein.

The film is based on Kenneth Feinberg’s acclaimed memoir, about the years he spent in charge of the 9/11 Fund. In almost three years of pro bono work on the case, Feinberg fought off the cynicism, bureaucracy and politics associated with administering government funds. He personally struggled against the justice system’s notion that compensation for death should be directly related to the financial circumstances of each victim, ultimately discovering what life is worth and coming away with the belief that all should be treated the same. Feinberg created what became known as the 8-Part Feinberg Plan that helped him keep politics out of the equation when deciding how to approach victim compensation.

Erin Brockovich and Spotlight are seen as the template for this one. Obviously a high bar that I’m sure Keaton can reach, especially given his work on the latter. We’ll see if Frankel can live up to his end of the bargain, though. [Deadline]