‘Truth Or Dare’ Trailer: Keep Playing Or Die

“Truth or Dare” is a game everybody has played at some point in their lives, usually as a corny way to make out with someone you’re too scared to ask on a date.  The only game worse for a bunch of hormonal teens was “Spin the Bottle”, and heaven forbid you play both in the same night. Well now the horror geniuses at Blumhouse, the folks behind Get Out, Split, and scores of hit low-budget flicks, are taking the game and making it a lot more terrifying than a bunch of horny kids ever could.

Looking like It Follows with a dash of Final Destination, the film finds a bunch of friends playing “Truth or Dare” in Mexico, only for things to turn deadly. There’s a nice twist when it’s revealed they’ve all been lured there under false pretenses, and that the game will literally kill them if given the chance. Sure enough, strange things start happening back home and the players are forced to either keep playing or die at the hands of a supernatural force.

Jeff Wadlow, who kinda fell off the planet after Kick-Ass 2, is behind the camera and this should be right up his alley. Early in his career he directed the underrated teen horror, Cry_Wolf, and I see a lot of similarities here.

Truth or Dare opens April 27th and stars Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane, Nolan Gerard Funk, Hayden Szeto and Sophia Taylor Ali.