‘Beast Of Burden’ Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Turns Drug Mule

Know who could use a dash of Harry Potter wizardry to repair a stagnant career? Daniel Radcliffe, that’s who. The best role he’s had in years was when he played a dead guy in Swiss Army Man, but films like Jungle and Imperium you probably never even heard of. And his role in Now You See Me 2 was just kinda sad. Don’t even get me started on Victor Frankenstein. Well, Radcliffe is back with Beast of Burden, and unfortunately it looks like another that will fly under the radar.

Radcliffe stars alongside Pablo Schreiber (in this week’s Den of Thieves) and Grace Gummer (Mr. Robot), in the story of a pilot who agrees to smuggle drugs across the U.S./Mexico border to help his ailing wife, only to see his allegiances tested. The film is directed by Jesper Ganslandt who I’m not at all familiar with.

While this may not be an atrocious movie, it just looks beneath Radcliffe somehow. Am I wrong to feel that way?  Beast of Burden hits select theaters and VOD on February 23rd.