Kevin Feige Is “Eager” To Have X-Men In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

This should be the no-brainer story of the week. You should just know it and keep it in your back pocket for the future until we see what comes of it. It’s looking like that Disney/Fox deal is going to happen, and soon the X-Men will be making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’ll be shocked to learn, according to Deadline, that Marvel’s Kevin Feige is “said to be eager to get his hands on the X-Men Universe.”

No shit?

I mean, obviously he is. There are a ton of questions about what would happen with that, though. Would this mean the end of future films like X-Force and Gambit? What about the planned trilogy of New Mutants horror movies? Would we see total recasting and a relaunch of the X-Men as a brand? I hope not, but Marvel may have their own vision that doesn’t include what came before. Surely they wouldn’t mess around with Deadpool‘s winning formula.

And hey, they’ll be able to start calling Scarlet Witch a mutant finally! And Quicksilver, too! Oh wait…


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