Disney And Fox Near Historic Deal, Announcement Expected Soon

This is really happening, ya’ll. Bah gawd, it’s happening! Reports that Disney was looking to purchase the movie and TV assets from Fox, basically everything that makes 20th Century Fox what it is, began last month. Since then the buzz died down with stories that negotiations had stalled. But then suddenly they perked up again, and now that deal is closer than ever to become real.

According to CNBC, Disney is close to shelling out $60B for Fox’s assets, which would include all of the things you’re thinking about right now. The X-Men, Alien, Avatar, and perhaps the biggest of them all, the original Star Wars trilogy which Fox has been holding the rights to for years. Think you’ve seen every possible Star Wars home release? Well, wait until Disney can put out a whopping 9-movie Bluray set featuring the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy (no stupid “Special Edition), prequels, and current trilogy. And then, wait until they put out a new set with all 9 movies, plus Star Wars Rebels, the live-action spinoffs like Rogue One, and The Clone Wars animated series. It may cost $1000 but dammit we would buy it.

More importantly this would be more content for Disney’s upcoming streaming network when it launches in 2019. That may be what they are really in this for. The library is where the real money is at. Fox is a historic studio with so many current and dormant properties that the possibilities for Disney are endless.

So yeah, Disney is close to owning every single thing you hold dear. Fox is said to be favoring Disney above all other suitors, and an announcement of some kind is expected within a week. At what point do we start calling Disney a monopoly? Is that even possible in the entertainment industry?


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