Punch Drunk DVDs: ‘Atomic Blonde’, ‘Wind River’, ‘Brigsby Bear’, & More!


Atomic Blonde is a vehicle for Charlize Theron to beat up bad guys to an 80’s
pop soundtrack, and it’s every bit as awesome as it sounds. This Cold War
thriller sees Theron as a mysterious and morally ambiguous British spy, sent to
the East side of the Berlin Wall to retrieve a loose-cannon rouge agent (James
McAvoy) and protect the information a Soviet defector has the only known copy

We Said: Atomic
isn’t lacking for style, attitude, and sex appeal, especially
with a heavy European punk/synth soundtrack vibing throughout. Too bad nearly
all of it is embodied by Theron, and not enough of it can be found anywhere
else.” Rating: 3 out of 5

Written and directed by the acclaimed screenwriter of Sicario,
and Hell
or High Water
, this cold and intense thriller follows Cory Lambert (Jeremy
Renner), a lone-wolf wildlife officer who will stop at nothing to avenge the
murder of an 18 year old Native American woman in the snow covered reservations
of Wyoming. Helping him solve the case is young FBI agent Jane Banner
(Elizabeth Olsen), who wants nothing more than to solve the case and bring
justice to the isolated and overlooked community.

We Said: “The rhythm between
violence and cultural reflection is where [Writer/Director Taylor] Sheridan
continues to make his mark, not only as a writer but as a director to keep a
close eye on.” Rating: 4 out of 5

From the twisted mind of SNL’s Kyle Mooney, this comedy-drama
is just as bizarre as it is heartwarming. When a sudden and traumatic
realization thrusts sheltered young man James (Mooney) into the world of
adulthood, he’s shocked by several aspects of modern life; particularly that Brigsby
Bear, his favorite children’s TV show, is no longer making new episodes.
Fearing the saga he loves would be left incomplete, James sets out to make his
own Brigsby Bear movie that would serve to wrap up loose ends. Helping him in
this quest are his estranged sister and her misfit high school friends, who
grow to love the joys of filmmaking, Brigsby Bear, and most of all James.

We Said: “Brigsby Bear is unapologetically
and aggressively weird […] This is a subversive, dark, and unusual movie. It
may not a big crowd-pleaser, but I personally loved it.” Rating: 4 out of 5


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