‘The Penguin’ Trailer: Colin Farrell Makes A Move On Gotham’s Criminal Underbelly In ‘The Batman’ Spinoff Series

Batman’s Rogues Gallery is a mix of intimidating killers, psychopaths, and cartoonish buffoons. Penguin doesn’t really fit into any of those categories, though, which is why every portrayal of him is so wildly different from the last. In Matt Reeves’ The Batman, Colin Farrell’s take on Oswald Cobblepot isn’t a guy who wears a silly monocle and patterns his fashion after penguins. He’s an intimidating mob bruiser, someone to be feared, and we get to see him stake his claim on the Gotham underworld in the new MAX series, The Penguin.

Arriving this September from creator and showrunner Lauren LeFranc (Agents of SHIELD), The Penguin sees Farrell reprising his role. With mob boss Carmine Falcone dead, Penguin moves in to fill the power vacuum, but of course, it won’t be easy.

Also in the cast are Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone, Rhenzy Feliz as Victor Aguilar, Michael Kelly as Johnny Viti, Shohreh Aghdashloo as Nadia Maroni, Deirdre O’Connell as Francis Cobb, Clancy Brown as Salvatore Maroni, James Madio as Milos Grapa, Theo Rossi as Dr. Julian Rush, Scott Cohen as Luca Falcone, Michael Zegen as Alberto Falcone, and Carmen Ejogo as Eve Karlo.

The eight-episode series will have Craig Zobel (The Hunt) directing the first three episodes. Reeves and Farrell are aboard as producers, as well.

The Penguin is expected to premiere this September on MAX.


Travis Hopson
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