Explore The Building Blocks of A Superstar’s Life in the Trailer for the Pharrell Biopic ‘Piece By Piece’

Piece by Piece is the upcoming biopic about legendary producer/artist Pharrell Williams. There are a lot of words you can use to describe the NERD front man but “Ordinary”? Yeah, that’s not one of them. With that in mind it should come as no surprise that when Pharrell decided to put his story on film it wasn’t going to be a paint by numbers history of the man. Honestly, I would have thought something along the lines of Rocketman outside the box, but as he’s want to do Pharrell surprises us again and has made his biopic…using Lego.

Of course, this would have been a much more “out there” statement a decade ago but thanks to The LEGO Movie we know that story and emotion can VERY effectively be conveyed through this brick based medium. Based on the trailer that we just got, it looks like we’re in for a good time recounted Pharrell’s journey from self-professed “odd kid” to music superstar. There’s only one real concern I have, are we going to be able to tell who the characters are? I mean, you can do a lot with clothing but I was having a hard time understanding who was who throughout the trailer. Dead ass, I though Snoop Dogg was Ice T until the end of the thing.

Check out the trailer below and let me know if you thought the same.


Look for Piece By Piece Only In Theaters October 11

Official Synopsis:
Piece by Piece is a unique cinematic experience that invites audiences on a vibrant journey through the life of cultural icon Pharrell Williams. Told through the lens of LEGO® animation, turn up the volume on your imagination and witness the evolution of one of music’s most innovative minds.