‘Grendel’: Jeff Bridges To Play Legendary Monster, Dave Bautista Is Beowulf In Star-Studded Live-Action Film

A new Beowulf film is in the works, and this one has a crazy star-studded cast, and a fresh perspective. Deadline reports Jeff Bridges will play the title role in Grendel, which tells the story from the legendary monster’s view. The live-action film will be directed by Robert D. Krzykowski (The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot) and come from The Jim Henson Company.

Bridges will have an incredible ensemble to work with. Dave Bautista is set to play Beowulf, with Bryan Cranston as King Hrothgar, Sam Elliott as The Dragon, Thomasin McKenzie as Queen Wealhtheow, and Aidan Turner as Unferth. Composer T Bone Burnett will provide original music and take the role of The Shaper.

Krzykowski will adapt the script from John Gardner’s novel. It’ll be the latest adaptation of the Old English epic poem which originated in 975 AD. In 2007, Robert Zemeckis directed a big-budget motion-capture Beowulf movie. The 2008 film Outlander was also based on the legend. Both films failed at the box office.

“Grendel represents everything I love about the movies,” Krzykowski said. “John Gardner’s mad masterpiece cleverly tackles what it is to be human through the wild-eyed lens of a monster. It’s an honor to work with such a remarkable group of storytellers, all of whom seek to bring something wonderful and unexpected to audiences now.”

Production on Grendel begins later this year.