Box Office: ‘Civil War’ Holds The Line and Beats Newcomers for the #1 Spot

  1. Civil War (review)- $11M/$44.8M

A24 continues their rise as one of the best studios in modern Hollywood, while they’ve been long known as a house that puts out high quality faire they’ve been somewhat lacking in the financial department. Civil War, which gave the studio it’s highest opening weekend ever last week, continues to help the small studio by holding onto the #1 spot for the the second week in a row.

2. Abigail (review)- $10.2M

Timing is everything as they say, and while this isn’t strictly a Halloweeny type film I always wonder how much different things would be if solid horror flicks like this were released during a time of year when people are yearning for them. To add insult to injury the Halloween season itself is usually devoid of good theatrical horror opting instead for the latest found footage sequel.

3. Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire– $9.4M/$171.6M

4. The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (review)- $9M

Color me shocked….I honestly don’t understand how this film isn’t #1. All the hallmarks of a fun popcorn flicked headlined by two of the biggest names in action today and directed by one of Hollywood’s icons. Admittedly Ritchie is hit or miss with audiences, but still…have we become so jaded by streaming that we’re not going out to see something as pure fun as this? Hell, even the reviews were mostly positive!

5. Spy x Family Code: White – $4.8M

6. Kung Fu Panda 4– $4.6M/$179.9M

7. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire– $4.4M/$102.9M

8. Dune: Part Two – $2.9M/$276.5M

9. Monkey Man – $2.2M/$21.6M

10. The First Omen – $1.7M/$17.7M