Interview: Reinaldo Marcus Green Talks ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ And Being True To The Reggae Legend’s Story

Reinaldo Marcus Green made his directorial debut in 2018 with Monsters and Men, a breakout film that I remember being impressed by at its Sundance world premiere. Since then, Green has turned his attention to dramatic films about real-life men in times of struggle. 2020 saw his sophomore effort, the Mark Wahlberg film Joe Bell; that was followed by Green’s biggest film to date, King Richard, starring Will Smith as Richard Williams. But the movie that has the potential to reach millions all around the world is Bob Marley: One Love.

Green’s latest stars Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley, the reggae legend whose music has spread the message of peace, love, and unity for decades. Marley’s life and career are too big for one movie so Bob Marley: One Love focuses on two crucial years as he navigates a civil war in Jamaica and prepares his historic album, “Exodus”, which he hoped would help heal the wounds of his people. The film is the first major Hollywood effort to truly try and explore who Bob Marley was beyond the music. Who was he to his friends, the people of Jamaica, his bandmates, and most importantly, his wife Rita and their children?

I had the chance to speak with Reinaldo Marcus Green about Bob Marley: One Love, and we talked about any hesitation he felt making a movie about such a beloved figure. We talked about the decision to center the story on just two years and Marley’s planning of two key concerts. And we discussed the shoot itself and how the reception they received from the people of Jamacia, who were VERY invested in seeing this be an accurate depiction of Bob Marley.

Bob Marley: One Love is in theaters now. You can check out my review here, and the interview below!

Travis Hopson
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