‘Suicide Squad’: David Ayer Says He’s “Done With DC”, Urges Fans To Move On From Ayer Cut

Well, it sounds like any hope of seeing the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad is lost. At least for now. For a while now, David Ayer, and emboldened DC fans, have been pushing Warner Bros. to release the uncut, original version of his superhero film, the one that studio brass didn’t meddle with. Following the success these fans had getting the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and the critical praise it earned, there was at least some reason for optimism.

However, nothing has panned out. And now the official Ayer Cut social media account has sad news from Ayer himself who is encouraging fans to move on.

“So I think this might be the end of an era, guys😭,” the account wrote earlier this week. “I had a chat with @DavidAyerMovies, and the mood isn’t sounding too good right now on the Ayer Cut front, and probably not for a few years unless things change. I want to thank everyone who’s been supporting the movement for the ride-.”

Ayer basically confirmed this in a series of since-deleted tweets. However, one tweet he did not delete, and it speaks for itself…

And there you go. There’s no incentive for WB to give fans another version of Suicide Squad, anyway. While it might be a cool novelty to see the film we thought we were going to get in 2016 when that awesome first trailer dropped, honestly it was already a financial success with $747M and an Oscar victory to its credit. That is far and away more than what WB ever could’ve hoped for from a movie full of D-list characters. Most importantly, there just isn’t the clamor for the Ayer Cut the way there was for the Snyder Cut.

Besides, James Gunn and Peter Safran are starting over with DC Studios and the new DCU, beginning with Superman: Legacy in 2025. Ayer has spoken about his experiences on Suicide Squad and how they “broke” him, so maybe it’s best to put all of it in the rear view for good.

Travis Hopson
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