Kelly Rowland Fights Desire and the Truth in the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Tyler Perry’s Mea Culpa’

Netflix is bringing us a new film by Tyler Perry that feels very much in the vein of the 90s erotic thriller. Tyler Perry’s Mea Culpa sees Mea (the STILL ravishing Kelly Rowland) as a criminal defense attorney who becomes wrapped up in the quest for the truth. When an artist, played by Trevante Rhodes, seeks her help after being accused of his girlfriends murder Mea starts down a path of confusion, seduction, lies, and murder all while lives hang in the balance.

I have never claimed to be a Tyler Perry fan, honestly most of his work seems very soap opera-ish to me, or at a minimum daytime TV. That being said, the man has a serious following that has only grown over the last 15 years. It’s hard to tell just from this trailer where the film will fall on the scale of the erotic thriller, will it be the next Basic Instinct? Or is it more of a long form Red Shoe Diaries? For Rowland’s sake I really hope its the former. I know that Freddy Vs Jason wasn’t exactly what one would call a career springboard for the singer but I honestly thought she would have had more of a presence on the screen, big or small, over the last 20 years. The market seems to have turned back toward wanting films like this, what with the success of Netflix’s 365 Days franchise so this may be just the right addition to some wine and candles for many couples looking for a saucy night in, though for the life of me I can’t understand why they aren’t releasing closer to Valentine’s Day.

Check out the trailer for Tyler Perry’s Mea Culpa below and look for it on Netflix starting February 23rd.