John Boyega to Headline Upcoming Prequel Series for ‘The Book of Eli’

It’s been 14 years since the Denzel Washington/Mila Kunis post-apocalyptic action film, which was already based on a book, The Book of Eli hit theaters, so spoiler warnings shouldn’t be needed but, just in case, spoilers ahead. While it didn’t set box office records The Book of Eli was a flick i thoroughly enjoyed. Denzel + Action always equals watchable in my book but the twist, where you find out that Eli isn’t wearing sunglasses all the time to look cool, but rather because he’s blind, really caught me by surprise. Nothing makes a film more memorable then a well-executed twist.

Had more folks felt the way I did about the film I’m sure we would have had a few sequels, the film ended with a setup for Kunis’s character to carry the next film after all. Alas, it wasn’t universally loved (lots of “sure, it was ok” going on) and didn’t make the studios alot of coin so it seemed Eli was one and done. Deadline was kind enough to let us all know that, thanks to everyone’s favorite Stormtrooper turned hero, we’re going to get an extended stay back in Eli-land in the form of a prequel series starring (and Executive Produced by) John Boyega.

Not alot is known about the series at this point other then Boyega starring and the plot being a prequel. No streaming service has been named yet but Alcon Entertainment, the studio behind the series, is said to be taking offers from the big guys.

Obviously I’ve got some real interest in this project, but it’s not all because of my enjoyment of the source material. Never doubt the power of John Boyega. The guy has been a force in the industry since he first hit the scene way back when in Attack the Block. His outspoken nature and willingness to be a regular guy in the most egotistical and backwards industry there is has endeared him to his fans. To say that he’s the type of guy you root for, well that’s to put it lightly.