Khalil’s 20 Best Movies Of 2023

2023 was somewhat of an uneven year for movies in general. While the Box Office did bounce back from the endless cycle of “should we even be at the movies” during Covid, it did have its share of disappointments/letdowns, especially for pop culture flicks. In fact, this is the first year that everyone started whispering, “Is the superhero movie finally dying off?” Well, no (it’s not going anywhere anytime soon) as you’ll see on my list!

However, 2023 did deliver on all sorts of fun, engaging, films that entertained us. Now, I didn’t get the chance to go in person as much as I wanted to, which led me to discover all sorts of interesting films that premiered on the big and small screen this year that otherwise would be overlooked. After watching countless films this year, here’s my top 20:

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