Zack Snyder Reveals The Batman And Elektra Stories That Could Get Him To Make Superhero Movies Again

Zack Snyder has seen his share of ups and downs. Once the hotshot upstart, he gained a huge fanbase as well as the keys to Warner Bros.’ DC cinematic universe. And while that ultimately crashed and burned, those fans never went away, demanding to see the Snyder Cut of his Justice League. Now Snyder finds himself with multiple franchises all to himself at Netflix, with Army of the Dead and the two-part Rebel Moon which kicks off next month. But would Snyder ever want to return to the world of superheroes?

Obviously, Snyder wouldn’t have time to do anything like that right now. But two projects could lure him back. In a lengthy piece with THR, Snyder reveals the Marvel and DC films he would return for, and neither is that surprising.

For DC, Snyder would want another crack at the Caped Crusader, Batman, adapting The Dark Knight Returns. But only if he’s got the power to do “a true representation of the graphic novel” by Frank Miller. The irony of this is that Snyder has already had a chance to do this. When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was first announced at Comic-Con, it was by reading to attendees dialogue from TDKR. And many aspects of that film were inspired by the graphic novel.

As for Marvel, it would be for another Frank Miller classic. Elektra Lives Again is a spinoff from Miller’s Daredevil run, and it’s probably the most important story for the Greek ninja warrior, previously played on the big screen by Jennifer Garner. With Marvel Studios already moving forward with their Daredevil plans, it’s unlikely they’ll turn to Snyder to do an Elektra story, but then crazier things have happened. I would totally be down to see this happen, and it sounds a lot more interesting than him doing a Batman movie.

Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire hits Netflix on December 22nd!

Travis Hopson
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