‘Sicario 3’: Original Cast Eyed To Return, Taylor Sheridan And Christopher McQuarrie Involved

If you thought the prospects of Sicario 3 happening were dim, think again. Last month, a producer teased a sequel and the potential return of Benicio Del Toro, whose merciless Alejandro has been the most popular character by far. Well, if you think all of that seems unlikely, what about the idea of getting all of the original cast to return?

Collider spoke with producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill who gave an update on Sicario 3, and they seem very high on Del Toro, Josh Brolin, and Emily Blunt being reunited…

“Our idea is to get the cast back together with Benicio, Emily, and Josh, and we’ve got a great story to tell,” said Smith. “Benicio, by nature of just working with us most recently, has been probably the closest to it at the moment. But we’re keeping all the talent informed. They’ve stayed close to it. Like Trent said, the strike has just slowed us down a bit on this last draft, but I think everybody is very excited. Everyone sort of knows the framework of the story and is very excited to, hopefully, get our shooting draft in order very soon.”

The choice of words here is key, and if the cast is interested enough to stay involved then there must be one Hell of a story coming together.

Sicario was originally directed by Denis Villeneuve and penned by Taylor Sheridan, going a long way in cementing both as major forces in Hollywood. Three years later, Stefano Sollima directed the less critically-acclaimed sequel, Day of the Soldado, with Sheridan sticking around on the story. It’d be interesting to see what involvement Sheridan might have with this new one. The producers don’t seem ready to commit to that, but they do include another surprising name: Christopher McQuarrie.

“But we don’t know who’s going to direct yet. It’s all gonna be about timing,” said Smith. “We’ve got obviously a wealth of great partners on it, everybody from Taylor Sheridan to Chris McQuarrie as a partner on it, but it’ll all be about the timing and what aligns with everyone’s schedule.”

McQuarrie is up to his eyeballs in Mission: Impossible stuff so he’s definitely not going to direct. But maybe produce and take a looksie at the script? As for Sheridan, the level of his involvement remains unclear, what with his massive Yellowstone franchise going strong…

“He is so busy, and he stays close to it, and will obviously have input, too,” Luckinbill said. “Then it’s just a question of when we get schedules lined up and all of that starting to have real conversations to see who’s available and who wants to do it. So certainly, I think everybody that’s ever been involved with this has stayed really close and has stayed fans of it. So, we’ll just push forward and see what lines up and who lines up in our window.”


Travis Hopson
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