Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Series Finds New Showrunner, Adds ‘Moon Knight’ And ‘Loki’ Directors

Marvel has a lot on their plate to fix right now, but problems on the TV side are taking priority. A few weeks ago we learned they were pretty much overhauling everything, tossing out their entire formula and taking Daredevil: Born Again back to square one. This after only half of the planned 18-episode series was filmed, and Marvel thought it was rubbish enough to fire the writers and directors.

But now THR reports that Daredevil: Born Again has a new creative team. Part of that are Loki and Moon Knight directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. They’ve really found a home at Marvel, becoming trusted filmmakers for the studio. They come with plenty of big screen experience, as well, having directed films such as Something in the Dirt, The Endless, and Synchronic. And we know that Marvel likes for their shows to have that cinematic feel.

One of the problems Marvel had was they didn’t believe in naming showrunners for their TV projects. Well, that’s over now as Dario Scardapane, a writer on The Punisher and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, is taking on the title.

Meanwhile, fired writers Chris Ord and Matt Corman are sticking around as exec-producers but a new team will be penning the scripts.

All of this in an effort to make television the way most have always done it, rather than trying to make TV the same way they make movies. It was a good idea on paper. The movies are a success, so why can’t that process be replicated? But serialized content is a totally different beast than making a movie, and Marvel frequently ran into creative issues with the filmmakers, leading to a lot of turnover and ultimately mediocre reviews. If all of this leads to a better product it will all have been worth it.

Travis Hopson
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