Box Office: A Shocking Weekend as ‘PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie’ Takes the Top Spot

  1. PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie – $23M

Wow. I mean, I fully knew that the children’s movie genre was strong, after all there is no better way to keep your kid occupied for a few hours. Still, I would never have guessed that the Village People of animated dogs would beat not just The Creator but also what’s being touted as the best Saw film in years. To be fair, none of these movies were runaway hits this past weekend, which tells you how dour it’s looking for the rest of our new releases.

2. Saw X (review)- $18M

I would have banked on Saw X banking $50M this weekend. The positive buzz coupled with the fact that seeing a Saw film around Halloween has become a tradition for alot of people should have brought many more people to the box office. Apparently it’s been too long, and the series has let it’s audience down too many times to bring them back in droves. Not a flop, but also no where near a hit.

3. The Creator (review)- $14M

Honestly….I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about the lack of original IP in Hollywood anymore. Every time something not attached to DC/Marvel or some standard Disney property comes out….no one goes! Yes, The Creator wasn’t exactly a ground breaking premise and was pretty standard sci-fi faire, but it was standard done right! Gareth Edwards deserves better!

4. The Nun II – $4.6M/$76.7M

Finally falling from the top spot The Nun II is starting it’s long drop out of the top 10. If you’d like to know how the box office is looking lately, look no further then this film. Three weeks in the #1 spot and it won’t break $100M

5. The Blind – $4.1M

Proving once again that faith-based films always seem to make money regardless of quality or topic The Blind hits #5. In case you aren’t aware of the film, and I’m guessing you’re not, it’s about the Duck Dynasty guy and how he was a bad person but changed and yada yada.

6. A Haunting in Venice – $3.8M/$31.6M

7. Dumb Money – $3.5M/$7.3M

A new release for most this week, Dumb Money expanded wide adding roughly 2200 theaters to it’s booking list. “The Gamestop Movie” pulled in a cool $1M more in its second week of release then it did in its opening.

8. The Equalizer 3 – $2.7M/$85.9M

9. Expend4bles – $2.4M/$13.2M

Sooo, yeah. No Expendables 5 then….

10. Barbie – $1.4M/$633M

And finally, after a historic run Barbie clocks what is likely her last week in the top 10. Take a bow Blondie, you earned it!