The Trailer for the Jason Mamoa Narrated Documentary ‘Deep Rising’ Shows the Care Needed in Securing a Green Future

Every day I become more and more convinced that humanity’s legacy in this world will be showing the galaxy just how long one can avoid learning from one’s mistakes. With climate change’s effects becoming more of a today problem then a tomorrow problem the promise of green energy and electric cars seemed like a possible way through. Of course, I was forgetting the golden rule of life, “everything in moderation”. In a global capitalist economy there is no such thing as moderation.

Deep Rising, an upcoming documentary narrated and executive produced by Aquaman himself, Jason Mamoa, takes a deep dive (pun fully intended) on the subject of renewable energy and how it will be powered by metallic nodules found only on the sea floor. More importantly it digs into how we much interact responsibly with the environment here and not repeat the mistakes of the past (and really present…we’re still making those mistakes).

The trailer below does a great job at highlighting the two sides of the story, with one side showcasing the entrepreneurs hoping to scrape the seafloor to collect “the world’s most valuable asset” and the other showing those that warn of the inevitable consequences and eradication of life that we haven’t even begun to understand. At the center is the of everything is the ultra-secretive ISA, or International Seabed Authority who will ultimately decide how companies can interact with the resources found deep below.

The trailer calls this an “Urgent” documentary…I couldn’t agree more. Just based on the little I’ve learned from these 2 minutes anything we do at the depths needs to be done with the utmost care. Think of all of the things we don’t know about life that deep, the cure for disease or a way to reverse climate change could lie in something there but, already, we’re ready to wipe it out for a few billon bucks.


Official Synopsis:
DEEP RISING, narrated and executive produced by Jason Momoa, takes viewers on an epic journey from the ocean’s depths to the future of sustainable energy. Through awe-inspiring footage of the deep’s most dazzling creatures, this feature-length documentary illuminates the secrets of the deep ocean and how its fate holds the key to our survival. In a riveting tale of geopolitical, corporate and scientific intrigue, DEEP RISING sheds light on the secretive International Seabed Authority (ISA), responsible for nearly half our planet’s surface on the ocean floor, while highlighting the vital need to protect the seabed as the common heritage of humankind and stressing the urgency of responsible choices for future generations.