Jigsaw Rips Into The Nicole Kidman AMC Ad In New ‘Saw X’ Teaser

Honestly, it’s amazing that those hilariously awful Nicole Kidman ads for AMC, that we’ve all seen hundreds of times at this point, aren’t made fun of more. I feel like as long as we are still forced to watch them, there must still be more jokes at its expense. Fortunately, Lionsgate agrees, and Jigsaw rips into with merciless glee in the new teaser for Saw X.

We all know the Kidman ads by heart, right? She walks elegantly into the empty theater, dressed like she’s about to go to a ball at the White House or something, and she sits down in her seat to tell us all of the reasons why movies are the greatest thing in the world.

But Jigsaw’s take is much better. Instead, after leaving a trail of blood behind his iconic tricycle, he describes the joy that comes from his particularly gruesome brand of murder.

“We come to the theater to scream, to beg, to play.”

“Somehow, self-amputation feels good in a place like this.”

“Traps. They make movies better.”

Yessir, I agree. This is really smart marketing for a franchise that is a bit long in the tooth.

Saw X fits between the original Saw and Saw II, with Tobin Bell returning as John Kramer/Jigsaw who travels to Mexico for a miracle cancer cure, only to realize the entire operation is a fraud. Finding new purpose, Kramer unleashes his own deadly brand of vengeance on those who conned him.

Saw X opens in theaters on September 29th.

Travis Hopson
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