Box Office: ‘The Nun II’ Jump Scares Its Way to Number 1

1. The Nun II (review)– $32.6M

Valak’s return marks a big win for the latest film in The Conjuring universe. While the sequel’s box office didn’t reach the heights of the originals $52M it can still be chalked up as a hit..why? Well, because it seems that only horror studios know that if you keep the budgets low you are much more likely to make money on your film.

2. The Equalizer 3– $12.1M/$61.8M

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (review) – $10M

Barely breaking double digits, the once prized ABBA based property seems to have lost most of its audience. For a bit of perspective the original smash hit made $375M worldwide. No budget numbers have been released so it’s hard to say how bad this opening really is, based on the last film in the series which cost $18M to make, they still have a long way to go to break even.

4. Jawan– $6.1M

Give it up for Indian filmmaking. It wasn’t long ago that Bollywood was seen as an oddity, never producing anything that sparked a ton of interest outside of India. That seems to be changing, with Netflix bringing a high volume of Hindi films to the world at large and films like RRR generating global buzz they are stepping up to the world stage in a big way. The latest, Jawan, an action flick following a guy out to right wrongs, opened big and claimed the #4 spot on the domestic US box office.

5. Barbie– $5.9M/$620.4M

The train is finally starting to slowdown as everyone’s favorite blonde bombshell spends what is likely her last week in the top 5.

6. Blue Beetle– $3.7M/$63.7M

7. Gran Turismo – $3.3M/$35.6M

8. Oppenheimer– $3M/$315.1M

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem– $2.6M/$111.3M

10. Bottoms– $2M/$7.6M