Justice Bites Back In The Trailer For ‘Muzzle’ With Aaron Eckhart

I gotta be honest with you guys, I wasn’t sure this wasn’t a parody trailer. Honestly, I’m still not…if I didn’t know better I would fully believe this was a trailer made for a time that Aaron Eckhart was guest hosting on SNL. Right from the opening line “They killed my dog” cue hardcore action music, I was thinking “This can’t be real”.

Here’s the thing, it’s definitely real and I would bet money that it’s going to make me eat my words and end up delivering a hard hitting action flick that makes me tear up. How could it not? A rough edged policeman on a quest for revenge with a outcast pupper as his partner? It’s like a not yet neutered Turner & Hooch. The real test will be if it takes itself seriously…it feels like it does, and if that’s the case the action better hit really hard.

Look for Muzzle on September 29th, 2023