Emma Corrin Talks ‘Deadpool 3’ Role, Calls MCU Continuity A “Mind-F*ck”

It surprise me that with all of the all-star talent in Barbie that Emma Corrin wasn’t there somewhere. The red-hot actor best known for The CrownMy Policeman, and recently Lady Chatterley’s Lover has been everywhere, and recently joined the MCU in a mysterious Deadpool 3 role. Speaking with Empire, Corrin not only confirmed a lot of the speculation about there about their role, but also that…well, they aren’t really huge followers of Marvel movies.

I feel really excited to play a villain,” said Corrin. “I haven’t done that, and it’s an itch I want to scratch.”

Corrin also talked about going into Deadpool 3 totally blind, as they aren’t someone who eyes the MCU continuity closely.

I’d heard about the project but, classic Marvel, they couldn’t tell me anything about it. Absolutely nothing. Zilch,” Corrin said. “So I met [Shawn Levy] being like, ‘I don’t know what this is about.’”

“Hands up, I’m not a Marvel person,” Corrin added. “I’ve watched ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Black Panther.’ I was like, ‘Look, you’re gonna have to debrief me into this.’ It’s such an intricate world. There’s so much to it, it’s an absolute mind-fuck. All the language and the Easter eggs, and this person is related to that person who did this, and this person came back and this person’s dead… it’s amazing. I really understand why it means as much as it does to so many people. It’s a phenomenon, and I feel really lucky to be part of it. Especially ‘Deadpool,’ because I love the fact that it’s self-aware and critical of its own inner-workings.”

Corrin’s part in the film is curious, though. Is it too much for me to think they could be playing the embodiment of Death, who Deadpool is romantically obsessed with in the comics?

We’ll find out when Deadpool 3 opens on May 3rd 2024.

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