Box Office: ‘Gran Turismo’ Barely Beats Out ‘Barbie’ for the #1 Spot

1. Gran Turismo (review)- $17.3M

It was a surprisingly appropriate finish in the race for #1 this weekend with Sony’s video game inspired racing film Gran Turismo eking out a photo finish that would make the Indy 500 proud. Only a slight 200K margin kept the Blonde Box-Office Bomber known as ‘Barbie’ from taking back the #1 position after being pushed out last week.

Similar to Blue Beetle last week Gran Turismo wins, but doesn’t take in what the filmmakers hoped. With solid Cinemascores and good word of mouth hopefully it will keep its weekly drops low.

2. Barbie – $17.1M/$594.8M

3. Blue Beetle – $12.7M/$46.3M

4. Oppenheimer – $9M/$300M

While it lost almost 450 theaters over the last week Oppenheimer continues to show a strong presence sporting only a 16% drop in attendance and crossing the $300M mark in its domestic box office.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem – $6.1M/$98.1

6. Meg 2: The Trench– $5.1M/$74.4M

7. Strays – $4.6M/$16.1M

8. Retribution (review) – $3.3M

The glory days of Liam Neeson as the go-to geriatric action star appear to be long gone as his latest, Retribution failed to impress audiences or critics with a paltry opening weekend topping it all off. Time to step out of the spotlight Liam, we love you but I think its time you take that “head of the shadowy agency that supports the star” role.

9. The Hill – $2.1M

10. Haunted Mansion – $2.1M/$62.2M