Review: ‘The End Of Sex’

Emily Hampshire And Jonas Chernick Reunite In A Quirky Journey Through Parenthood & Sex

The End of Sex is a romantic comedy directed by Sean Garrity and starring Emily Hampshire and Jonas Chernick (who also writes for this film). Premiering at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, this film takes viewers on a wild adventure as a married couple strives to reignite their sex lives while navigating the challenges of parenting and adulthood. 

In this film, Hampshire and Chernick portray a married couple, Emma and Josh, who send their young kids to camp for the first time, hoping to rediscover the passion in their relationship. The very same camp where they had first met years before. The End of Sex playfully addresses the age-old question of whether married couples can maintain active sex lives after becoming parents. As they face the stress and pressure of parenting, Emma and Josh embark on a series of comical sexual adventures to reinvigorate their love life.

As Emma and Josh navigate their quest to revive their relationship, they find themselves thrown into a world of threesomes, sex clubs, and even an unexpected encounter with Emma’s parents at their town’s only sex club. Faced with the realization that parenting has stripped them not only of their libidos but also of their emotional maturity, the couple resorts to outlandish and manipulative attempts to jumpstart their sexual chemistry. However, their efforts often lead to unexpected consequences and seemingly over-the-top comedic mishaps.

The End of Sex explores the delicate balance between passion and intimacy within long-term relationships. Hampshire portrays Emma with strength and vulnerability, grappling with unrequited desires and a crush on an old art school colleague. Chernick’s character, Josh, brings a likable charm to the screen, while the film hints at the idea that maintaining a fulfilling sex life requires effort and dedication.

The End of Sex offers a cute and quirky exploration of married life, parenthood, and the challenges of maintaining intimacy. Not only does this film bring together the talents of director Sean Garrity and stars Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) and Jonas Chernick, but it also reunites them after their successful collaboration in My Awkward Sexual Adventure. This charming film showcases the chemistry between the actors, creating a delightful on-screen dynamic. Additionally, the cast includes talented performers such as Gray Powell (Sort Of), Lily Gao (Letterkenny -one of my favorite series!), and Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna Earp).  

The End of Sex is now available digitally.

The End Od Sex
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review-the-end-of-sexThe End of Sex is a romantic comedy directed by Sean Garrity and starring Emily Hampshire and Jonas Chernick. Premiering at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival, the film follows married couple Emma and Josh as they send their kids to camp, hoping to reignite their passion. Through comical sexual adventures, they navigate the challenges of parenting, uncovering the impact on their libidos and emotional growth. With a talented cast and playful exploration of intimacy, this film offers a delightful and relatable journey into the complexities of married life.