Review: ‘Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse’

Marvel Magic Unleashed In A Hilarious Mockumentary of Hitmen and Hijinks!

Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse presents recently discovered footage, uncovering the demise of four famous hitmen during the notorious Coda Teahouse Massacre. Meet Frosty, the new father; Lucien Mercy, the stay-at-home mom; Red Rick, the romantic; and Lady Faith (Red Rick’s lover/apprentice), a rising star in the world of assassins. In a surprising twist, these hitmen are no ordinary killers; they turn murder into an art form. Notorious killers who call themselves, “The Artists”. This mockumentary takes you on a rollicking ride as ex-CIA Agent Jonathan Sully guides us through the scenes, pointing his suspicions towards the infamous assassin artist, Rockstar, considered the greatest hitman who ever lived.

Directed by Marvel movie staple Kenneth Lui, renowned for his work in VFX on blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange, boasts an ensemble cast that guarantees laughter. Melanee Nelson, Courtney Sara Bell, Paul Byrne, and Ken Breding deliver phenomenal performances, adding to the comedic brilliance of the film. The concept of ordinary people discussing killing with the flair of art proves utterly fascinating, while interviews with the actors playfully hint at their commitment to their hitman/work-life roles. Incorporating a reality tv niche to their personal lives; exposing intimately relatable complexities and truths of trying to balance the two. 

Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse has a mockumentary-style and clever storytelling similar to the iconic film, This is Spinal Tap, adding an extra layer of humor to the narrative. Not to mention, the inclusion of a Robin Leech-esque voiced narrator only amplifies the comical satire. Kenneth Lui’s expertise as a visual effects artist for Marvel and DC movies shines through, elevating the film’s action and drama. Lui orchestrates a seamless and masterclass blend of action, drama, and dry humor that captivates audiences from start to finish. The film’s documentary-style approach beautifully complements the satirical crime exposé it aims to be. Featuring a brilliant cast of highly unusual suspects.

Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse is a fantastic and absurdly violent mockumentary that hilariously follows the antics of four foolish hitmen on their way to meet their fate. Witness regular individuals discussing killing as if it were an everyday art, adding an intriguing and humorous angle to the story. Lui’s film is a masterful blend of talented actors, humor, action, and drama; creating an irresistible charm parallel to Taika Waititi’s supernatural mockumentary film and popular (and currently running) FX series, What We Do in the Shadows

Phenomenal acting, captivating cinematography, fast-paced action, and dark humor make this crime comedy an absolute delight. Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse is a must-watch mockumentary crime comedy that will keep viewers entertained throughout. Kenneth Lui’s directorial prowess shines brightly, presenting a true gem. The film beautifully captures the essence of wit and excitement to fans of crime comedies and for anyone looking for a Marvel-powered dose of laughter and satire.

Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse releases digitally worldwide July 21.

Artists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse
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review-artists-in-agony-hitmen-at-the-coda-teahouseArtists in Agony: Hitmen at the Coda Teahouse is a cleverly crafted film that follows the demise of four infamous hitmen during the Coda Teahouse Massacre. Led by ex-CIA Agent Jonathan Sully, the film delves into the darkly humorous world of these killers, who turn murder into an art form, calling themselves "The Artists." Directed by Marvel movie staple Kenneth Lui, the film boasts a brilliant ensemble cast and a mockumentary-style narrative that adds an extra layer of humor. With its masterful blend of action, drama, and dry humor, this crime comedy is an absolute delight for fans of dark humor and satirical storytelling alike.