Review: ‘Unidentified Objects’

A Quirky Ethereal Journey of Aliens, Adventure, And Human Connection

In Unidentified Objects, we meet Peter (Matthew Jeffers), a misanthropic dwarf living a secluded life in his shabby New York City apartment. However, his solitary existence is disrupted when his upbeat and possibly unhinged neighbor, Winona (Sarah Hay), unexpectedly visits him. Reluctantly, Peter agrees to accompany Winona on an impromptu road trip to rural Canada, where she believes an alien visitation is imminent. This unlikely duo sets off in a neon pink jeep on an intergalactic and soul-enriching adventure that will challenge their perspectives and bring them closer together.

As Peter and Winona journey deeper into the Canadian wilderness, they encounter a fascinating array of characters and breathtaking scenery. The film masterfully captures the essence of their evolving relationship, using intimate cinematography to bring out the emotional baggage they both carry. From bickering LGBTQ+ Canadian cosplayers, Lola & Sadie (Colindrez & Pacheco) to a lovable shroom-addled survivalist, Suzee (Kerry Flanagan), each encounter adds a layer of truth and reality to their understanding of human nature as well as casual acceptance of extraterrestrial life. Amidst the surreal and trippy scenes involving extraterrestrial highway cops, the film explores the depths of their trauma, revealing that being alone in the universe can be just as unsettling as being abducted.

Unidentified Objects successfully blends elements of comedy and drama, creating a dark dramedy that resonates with its audience. The well-written script by Leland Frankel brings to life the witty banter between Peter and Winona, showcasing their contrasting personalities and perspectives. This film embraces the beauty of imperfection, inviting viewers to embrace their own quirks and vulnerabilities. With its engaging storyline, captivating performances, and stunning visuals; offering a refreshing take on human connection and the acceptance of the unknown.

Quiver presents wonderfully an indie comedy-drama directed by Juan Felipe Zuleta (Faded Love). With a talented ensemble cast including Sarah Hay, Matthew Jeffers, Roberta Colindrez, Tara Pacheco, and Kerry Flanagan this film takes viewers on a captivating and unconventional road trip. Delving into themes of self-discovery and human connection. This freshly lucid film offers a unique perspective on the acceptance of extraterrestrial existence while exploring the truth and beauty found right here on planet Earth.

Through its exploration of extraterrestrial existence and the importance of human relationships, the film will leave a lasting impression. Beautifully challenging the conventional notions of what it means to be alone in the universe, emphasizing the significance of finding genuine connections here on Earth. With its fun and unique perception, this indie comedy-drama serves as a reminder to embrace the truth and beauty that can be found both within ourselves and in the world around us.

Unidentified Objects is a delightful and thought-provoking cinematic experience that will leave audiences pondering their place in the universe and the power of humans, if not for the ethereal openness of otherworldly, connections.


Unidentified Objects will be available VOD, on June 9th.

Unidentified Objects
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review-unidentified-objectsQuiver presents "Unidentified Objects," a captivating indie comedy-drama directed by Juan Felipe Zuleta. When misanthropic dwarf Peter (Matthew Jeffers) reluctantly joins his upbeat neighbor Winona (Sarah Hay) on an impromptu road trip to rural Canada, they embark on an intergalactic and soul-enriching adventure. As they encounter eccentric characters, including bickering LGBTQ+ Canadian cosplayers and a lovable shroom-addled survivalist, their journey reveals the depths of their trauma and challenges their perceptions of being alone in the universe. This dark dramedy beautifully explores human connection while offering a fresh perspective on extraterrestrial existence, leaving audiences pondering their place in the universe.