Review: ‘Sheroes’

A Predictable Yet Entertaining Female Action Thriller

Sheroes is an action/thriller film presented by Paramount Global Content Distribution Group that boasts a kick-ass, social media-savvy female cast. Directed by Jordan Gertner, known for his work as a producer on Spring Breakers, delivering a story of survival, loyalty, and friendship as his directorial debut. Starring Sasha Luss, Wallis Day, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Skai Jackson, Sheroes centers on a ‘good girls gone bad’ mission through Thailand, where these ladies must confront a notorious drug lord to rescue one of their own.

Diamond (Luss, Anna), Ezra (Fuhrman, Orphan, Orphan: First Kill), Ryder (Day, Batwoman), and Daisy (Bunk’d) are four high-maintenance girls, bored with their clichéd careers and easy money lifestyles, come together when Diamond’s billionaire director father privately flies them to Thailand for an all-girls vacation. The journey starts with a private jet loaded with alcohol, drugs, and an attractive pilot, Jasper. However, when Ryder’s bag gets mixed up with the Thai drug lord’s stash, it puts them all in a precarious situation. Instead of disposing of the cocaine, they party and pass out, only to wake up to Daisy missing and a threatening note demanding the return of the drugs.

Diamond, Ezra, and Ryder transform from party girls to overnight mission assassins, utilizing convenient “toys” stashed around their vacation home. Determined to find their friend, they embark on a dangerous search for Daisy. That leads to Diamond crossing paths with the enigmatic yet, dark and mysterious pilot, Jasper (Jack Kessy, Deadpool 2). Despite his sporadic assistance, Diamond remains wary of his intentions, convinced that she and her friends are beyond capable enough of rescuing Daisy on their own.

Diamond takes charge, rallying her friends to transform from party girls into determined, resourceful assassins, using all the typical ‘toys’ to locate and rescue Daisy. As they fight for their lives and strive to protect one another, they unleash their “unique set of skills” and unyielding loyalty, leading to an action-packed battle for survival.

While Sheroes delivers fun-fueled action, the film shortfalls in originality and depth. The plot follows a predictable path, with perfectly timed aspects, props, and dialogue that hinder the film’s potential for surprise. The focus on the individual looks and achievements of the actors, likely driven by their social media influence and fan loyalists, overshadows the need for a more profound and realistic story. 

Sheroes is a fun yet predictable action thriller showcasing its female cast’s talents. The film’s emphasis on survival, loyalty, and friendship is center-front as the characters evolve from carefree party girls to determined and resourceful heroines. While lacking depth and originality, this film still delivers an entertainable perspective. So, keep an eye out for this digital release if you’re interested in embarking on this all-girl, rich bitch blend of Barbie meets Charlie’s Angels kind of adventure. 

Sheroes is available now in select theaters and digitally. You can also check out Travis’ interview with Sasha Luss here!

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