Cover-ups, Caddies, Mutated Gophers and More in the Trailer for ‘Caddy Hack’

Given that it’s one of the best comedy’s of all time it’s a bit surprising that it’s taken this long for a film to do a riff on Caddyshack. Worry not, film going public, Anthony Catanese has you covered with his upcoming film Caddy Hack (see what he did there).

What seems like Troma Picures take on a horror version of the classic 80’s goofball comedy is all kinds of out there. The flick follows the crew of a down and out golf course as it’s caddies are being murdered by mutated gophers. As you can see in the trailer below the film looks to have a real early 90s ultra low budget feel, The Toxic Avenger or the un-released Roger Corman Fantastic Four film both come to mind. What can’t be gleaned from the trailer, and what I’m dying to know, is if the look and feel play into the joke or are unintentional, that’s going to be what makes or breaks this film.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this release is the venue for its August 11th premier, Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle Cinemas. The pop culture prince’s new venture, a multiplex in Atlantic Highlands NJ, is becoming more and more of a can’t miss stop on the east coast for fans of Smith and the types of movies his fanbase will dig. The location is already known for hosting multiple film festivals, special View Askewniverse screenings with cast Q & A’s, and even random “Watch with Kev” screenings of new releases where the filmmaker does Q&A after the film.

Check out the trailer below and keep an eye on the Smodcastle Cinemas page for tickets to the premier. If you’re not the leaving the house type, you can catch it on DVD and Blu-Ray this October!