Prepare Your Tastebuds For Some Fire With The Trailer For Hulu’s ‘Flamin’ Hot’

The amazing thing about our world is that behind even the most innocuous thing there can be an amazing story. When this trailer was sent over to me I thought “Haha, flamin’ hot, just like those Cheetos my daughter loves so much”…only to find out that it was EXACTLY like those Cheetos my daughter loves so much. We seem to be in an age of “The Story Behind…” films, with TetrisAirFlamin’ Hot, and more then a few others on the way. The thing is…there is a solid reason why. These stories deserve telling and I’ll be damned if I didn’t end up with this film on my must watch list by the time the trailer was done.

The trailer below outlines the story of a Hispanic janitor at a Frito Lay factory who, upon learning that his plant is closing proposes an idea for a new product to appeal to the Hispanic market and the executive that took a chance on him. I never would have believed a moving story could come from a spicy chip, but here we are.

Check out the trailer below and look for Flamin’ Hot on Hulu & Disney+ June 9th