‘Dune: Part Two’ Trailer: Timothée Chalamet And Zendaya Ready For War Against Harkonnen

Following a short teaser released yesterday, so short I didn’t bother posting it, today brings the full trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two. The wait was worth it. This one features a sandworm. Yesterday gave us Paul Atreides ( Timothée Chalamet) luring the beast, this time we get to see him ride it.

The anticipated sci-fi sequel is the second half of Villeneuve’s adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel. It finds Atreides, joined by Zendaya’s Chani and others in the Freman, as they plot revenge against Baron Harkonnen for the slaughter of everyone in House Atreides. Paul’s journey from young royal to a leader of men was prophecied by the Bene Gesserit, including his mother Lady Jessica, played by Rebecca Ferguson.

Audiences were hit with a lot of setup information in the first film, but look for a ton of action to bring the story to a close. New additions include Austin Butler as the Baron’s deadly nephew Feyd-Ruthra Harkonnen, with Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan Corrino, Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV, Lea Seydoux as Lady Margot, Souheila Yacoub as Shishakli, and Tim Blake Nelson in an undisclosed role.

Returning cast members include Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Charlotte Rampling, and Stephen McKinley Henderson.

From here, the Dune story is hardly over. Dune: The Sisterhood is a Max series that takes place thousands of years prior to the movies’ events. Villeneuve has also teased the possibility of adapting Dune Messiah, Herbert’s second novel.

How far any of these plans go will depend on the success of Dune: Part Two when it opens on November 3rd.