Review: ‘Clock’

Dianna Agron Stars In Terrifying Portrayal Of The Pressure to Have Children

Clock is a psychological thriller directed and written by Alexis Jacknow, starring Dianna Agron as Ella Patel, a successful interior designer who enrolls in a clinical trial to fix her biological clock after constant pressure from her father and friends to have children. The film is a part of 20th Digital Studio’s slate of horror features for Hulu and is fascinating and for me a highly relatable commentary on the societal pressure women face to have children.

The film opens with Ella, who is happily married and content with her child-free life, surrounded by vibrant colors that reflect her joy. However, her happiness is short-lived as she faces constant questioning from friends and her familial heritage about having children. The pressure to conform to societal expectations of motherhood pushes her to extreme measures that lead to a dark and haunting spiral. The film’s color palette reflects this shift from bright and vivid colors to gray and washed-out tones.

Dianna Agron, Clock

Agron delivers a masterful performance as Ella, skillfully portraying her descent into baby madness. The film’s premise, while sounding insane, accurately portrays the torturous lengths that some women go to have a baby. With medications and a surgical implant, including the use of cognitive therapy, Ella’s journey is reminiscent of the concept of the morbid “rehabilitation” therapy used in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. The film’s writing is not without its flaws, with some wonky scenes and questionable aspects. However, it does an excellent job of portraying the real psychological conundrum and damages that forced pregnancy can cause.

Clock is a relatable film for women worldwide, as it highlights the pressure that society places on them to have children, even if it is not what they want. The film’s message is powerful and terrifying, and it will leave viewers contemplating the societal expectations of motherhood. Overall, Clock is a great Hulu weekend-watch film for anyone looking for a psychological thriller that tackles real-world issues faced by women.

Clock is currently streaming on Hulu.


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