‘MaXXXine’: Kevin Bacon, Giancarlo Esposito, Lily Collins & More Join Mia Goth In Ti West’s Horror Finale

Hollywood generates so little original content nowadays that when something that isn’t a comic book movie or Disney remake comes along, you just hope that audiences will support it. Ti West has naturally created a hit horror franchise that began with X and continued with its sequel, Pearl, both led by mesmerizing performances by Mia Goth. And now the trilogy is set to come to an end with MaXXXine, which will have Goth surrounded by an all-star supporting cast.

A24 has announced the cast joining Goth, and it includes Elizabeth Debicki, Moses Sumney, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Lily Collins, Halsey, Giancarlo Esposito, and Kevin Bacon.


With a cast like that, the concern is that Goth will receive less attention. But at the same time, if she gets to kill off a bunch of superstar actors that could make it all worth it.

Based on the teaser announcement, West is going to give this film a vintage ’80s look and feel, fitting for the era it’s set in. X was a grainy Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style slasher, while the next film, Pearl, was a Depression Era prequel done in the sweeping, theatrical style of the time. The latter should’ve earned Goth an Oscar nomination, just sayin’.

Production on MaXXXine begins soon. The first two films both arrived within months of each other last year, so there’s a good chance we’ll see the finale sometime in 2023.