The Latest Trailer for ‘Scream VI’ Makes Its Final Play To Scare You Into The Theater

I am simply blown away at the resurgence of Scream, I mean what franchise shoots back above it’s previous heights of popularity in its sixth installment? Well, based on early reactions it doesn’t sound like all of this buzz will be in vain. Proof? Look no further then the first 20 seconds of the final trailer, which was released earlier today. It’s chock full of positive reactions (which are actually from reliable sources, not “Jimmy from and I get the feeling those reactions are going to be echoed by the majority of theater go’ers, I don’t have any scientific backing for that…call it a gut feeling. Of course, you could keep your eyes glued right here for when Travis’s review goes live tomorrow!

In terms of new footage, well there isn’t much we haven’t already seen. More shots of Ghostface’s lair, which is a scene I am DYING to see in its entirety, then there’s a few more seconds of the Gail Weathers attacked at home scene. I’ve been on the fence with whether she makes it through this one or not, but seeing what they’ve added here it’s obvious this scene occurs early in the film and since we see her with the ‘New Crew’ in NYC later it’s safe to say that, if she does go, it’s not here. I can’t say the same for my next ex-wife, Samara Weaving though, even odds that she goes out in the first 10 min.

Check out the full trailer below and get your tickets to see Scream VI in theaters Thursday!