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Review: ‘Chantilly Bridge’

Celebrates The Power Of Female Friendship In A Heartwarming Sequel

Chantilly Bridge is a remarkable film that portrays the importance of female friendship and the challenges faced by women in their lives. Directed by Linda Yellen, the movie brings back and showcases the exceptional talents of actresses Lindsay Crouse, Jill Eikenberry, Patricia Richardson, Talia Shire, Ally Sheedy, Helen Slater, JoBeth Williams, and Naaji Sky Adzimah. The movie is a sequel to Yellen’s 1993 Sundance hit, Chantilly Lace. It continues the stories of the same group of women, emphasizing the significance of supporting and loving the women in our lives.

Yellen’s 1993 film followed the lives of seven lifelong friends who reunite at the luxurious vacation home of Val to celebrate the surprise 40th birthday of popular film critic Natalie (JoBeth Williams). Throughout the movie, they discuss various topics such as sex, menopause, feminism, parenthood, careers, and love. Her previous movie perfectly channels the more often harsh reality of women’s lives. Putting the important issues that impact all women center front. Her film kicked open a door that brilliantly unveiled all the experiences that women truly talk about when no men are present.

Chantilly Bridge reconnects those who remain after 25 years and delicately exposes more truths about what went down during those years passed and, what’s to come. Patricia Richardson, who plays Natalie’s younger but blossomed “ugly duckling’ younger sister delivers a phenomenal performance in the film that showcases her talent and range. Although there are a few Hallmark-y moments that may detract from the raw emotions of the characters, the talented ensemble cast delivers strong performances that will evoke undeniable laughter and tears. It is unfortunate that Ally Sheedy had very minimal appearances, as I would have liked to know more about her character and her life after starring in Yellen’s original film.

Yellen’s 25-year follow-up brings light to the inevitable life-altering changes we all will eventually have to face, women especially. The exploration of the beauty of shared history and the importance of supporting and loving the women in our lives is a heart-gripping yet, touching reminder to always reach out. The incorporation of scenes from the original 1993 TV movie, “Chantilly Lace”, adds depth and meaning to the film. Solidifying the true bond held together by these amazing women and their shared history and growth together. This movie is a celebration of female friendship and much-needed empowerment that will leave audiences, mostly women, feeling inspired and uplifted.

Chantilly Bridge is a must-watch film that celebrates the beauty of female friendship and empowers women to support and uplift one another. The film deals with important issues impacting women and portrays their struggles and achievements in a realistic and heartwarming manner. With a talented ensemble cast and exceptional direction by Linda Yellen, this movie is a touching reminder of the importance of female relationships and the impact they can have on our lives.

Chantilly Bridge is in select theaters now and On Demand on April 14th.


Chantilly Bridge
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