Box Office: ‘Scream VI’ Slices ‘Creed III’ From The Top Spot with $44m Weekend!

  1. Scream VI (review)- $44.5M

I’ve been racking my brain for weeks and have yet to think of another franchise that brought itself to new heights of buzz and popularity with it’s sixth installment….The Fast and The Furious maybe? In any event, that popularity translated well for the slasher icon taking first place and coming just shy of $50M. With the continued great word of mouth it won’t be surprising to see this thing barrel through to $100M when all is said and done.

2. Creed III – $27.1M/$101.3M

3. 65 (review)- $12.3M

I normally wouldn’t look at a $12M opening as surprisingly good but I’ll be honest, I expected 65 to struggle reaching $5M. The marketing seemed non-existent and NO ONE was talking about this movie.

4. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – $7M/$197.9

5. Cocaine Bear– $6.2M/$51.6M

6. Jesus Revolution– $5.1M/$39.4M

7. Champions (review)- $5.1M

Woody Harrelson’s heart string pulling inspirational (ish) tale failed to inspire crowds at the box office, just barely breaking the $5M and narrowly avoiding missing the Top 10 altogether.

8. Avatar: The Way of Water – $2.7M/$674M

9. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish – $1.6M/$179.6M

10. Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre – $1.2M/$5.5M

This hurts my heart…how in God’s name do we live in a world where blue cats generate billions at the box office but this Guy Ritchie/Jason Statham spy-action extravaganza doesn’t break $10M.