Betty Gilpin Is On a Crazy World Saving Mission In The Trailer for Peacock’s ‘Mrs. Davis

Whew…that took a moment to process! In the first 1 minute of the trailer for Peacock’s upcoming sci-fi/comedy series Mrs. Davis we have nuns, power ‘staches, a mysterious caller, the holy grail, and what looks to be the most bad ass renaissance faire of all time.

Needless to say, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at but not to worry, by the end it all comes together. In a major case of timely release Mrs. Davis appears to see the wonderful Betty Gilpin on a world spanning quest to save the world from Mrs. Davis, the innocuous name for an AI. Seeing as how ChatGPT has everyone worrying for their jobs and jokes about Skynet seeing a high they haven’t hit since 1999 I’d say they timed this one perfectly.

Never taking itself too seriously but at the same time showcasing some very serious action set pieces Mrs. Davis seems to be the exact type of show I want to see when it comes to sci-fi right now. It seems to have a tone of a less raunchy Futureman with just as many laughs.

Check out the trailer below and look for Mrs. Davis on Peacock April 20th, 2023


Official Synopsis: 

“Mrs. Davis” is the world’s most powerful Artificial Intelligence. Simone is the nun devoted to destroying Her. Who ya got?