Dave Bautista Returning For ‘My Spy: The Eternal City’; Anna Faris And Craig Robinson Join Cast

2020’s My Spy will always hold a certain place in my brain as the final film I saw before COVID lockdown took hold. It actually was a pretty decent comedy, too, with Dave Bautista “doing the job” (that’s a wrestling term) by playing the sensitive tough-guy role that all wrestlers-turned-actors have to play eventually. With reviews for the film also solid, Amazon has set about on a sequel, My Spy: The Eternal City, with Bautista returning.

Bautista, Chloe Coleman, Kristen Schaal, and Ken Jeong will return for the My Spy sequel, while Anna Faris, Craig “Pizza Hut” Robinson, and Flula Borg join the cast. Billy Barratt, Taeho K, Nicola Correia-Damude, Noah Dalton Danby, and Devere Rogers are aboard, as well.

Peter Segal returns to direct from a script by Jon and Erich Hoeber that will see the story set in Rome where an international terrorist plot is uncovered.

My Spy saw its theatrical run cut short like so many films did during that time. It went to streaming where it led the charge as audiences got accustomed to the new ease of seeing major studio projects from home.

Bautista has been on a roll for a long time, and My Spy is definitely part of that hot streak. He and Coleman have real chemistry together, and I expect this sequel will be just as fun as the original. [THR]