Sundance Interview: ‘The Accidental Getaway Driver’ Team Talk Cultural Sensitivity And Therapy Sessions

Sing J. Lee is a rare director and his cast of The Accidental Getaway Driver know it.

When I sat down with him and Dustin Nguyen, Gabrielle Chan, Phi Vu, and Dali Benssalah, they recalled the rare amount of prep time the director had with the group. They would get together in Zoom either one on one or in groups to talk about their characters. This occurred months before filming and allowed them to establish the bond they have on screen.

Nguyen, Vu, and Benssalah play three convicts who hire an elderly taxi driver (Hiep Tran Nghia) to drive them around after their escape from prison. What could have been a high action thriller or even buddy-comedy is something much more personal and rich under Lee’s direction, looking at the choices people make as immigrants and humans.

Check out my interview with Sing J. Lee and The Accidental Getaway Driver cast below.