Evil Leaves The Woods For The Big City in the Teaser for ‘Evil Dead Rise’

Evil Dead is without a doubt one of the most iconic titles in horror history, strangely it seems to have become even more beloved in the last decade. It’s been a strange road to resurgence starting with the awesome Fede Alvarez reboot, rolling into the underrated but loved Ash Vs The Evil Dead throw in a few video games and finally, boom we’re at the next theatrical installment Evil Dead Rise. Technically we don’t get the full trailer until tomorrow but the movie gods (WB) were kind enough to give us a quick teaser today of what’s to come.

The first thing you’re going to notice in this teaser is that the story has been taken from it’s home in the woods and transplanted to the city, which is probably the smartest move they could have made. Everyone loves a good cabin in the woods horror story but, in this context, it’s been done….some would say overdone. The next thing is that you’ll be reminded of just how terrifying the deadites can be. Sam Rami, God love him, defanged the villains a bit with the humor he added. We saw them at full scare strength in the Alvarez reboot and now we get to see them let loose in a city. There’s just something more terrifying about the isolation of a city as opposed to the wilderness. Sure in the woods no one is around to help you, but in the city EVERYONE is around and no one WILL help you.

I almost wanted to leave this part for you to see in the teaser but I simply have to address who is possessed in this. Sure, Ash having to decapitate his girlfriend was traumatic but seeing a little girl go up to a door asking for her mommy only to see her mom as a deadite…not that’s terrifying.

Evil Dead Rise hits theaters April 21st, 2023. Check out the teaser below and look for the full trailer here tomorrow!



Official Synopsis:
Two sisters find themselves in a fight for their lives when an ancient book gives birth to bloodthirsty demons that run amok in a Los Angeles apartment building.


And now, a fun bonus! The first look poster via director Lee Cronin’s Twitter!