‘Women Talking’ Interview: August Winter On Playing The Surprising And Groundbreaking Melvin

Woman Talking follows a group of women debating whether or not to leave their ultra-religious insular community after it is revealed that the men of group have been assaulting them for years. You wouldn’t expect to see a trans-character hanging out below a hay barn, watching over the children of the community. Played by August Winter, Melvin’s presence is critical to the women’s decision of whether or not to stay. 

For Winter, who is non-binary themselves, the key to playing Melvin was non-verbally conveying who the character was. “What’s delicate about [his] story is trying to establish without words, that this is who he’s always been verses [his transness] being a product of the attacks.”

I chatted with Winter about their experience playing the role and how Melvin fits in with the community. Watch our interview below.

Women Talking opens in theaters Friday.

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