‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Has Likely Set A Premier Date

I really love starting the day off with good news! Though I shouldn’t be surprised that The Mandalorian is deviating from it’s standard release window of Oct/Nov, we got a trailer over the summer and that usually happens 6-8 months ahead of a premier. Still, it’s good to see it confirmed, or rather “tentatively confirmed” for February 22nd, 2023. Of course until we get an official confirmation you should take this with a grain of sand from Tatooine, but I’m confident in saying that everything here lines up.

The next season will bring about a whole new world for Din Djarin and his pint sized ward. We left them last just after Grogu rejected his Jedi training with Master Luke Skywalker in favor of hanging with his Papa Mando. Add to that Din ended last season the rightful holder of the Darksaber, which makes him the ruler of Mandalore, neither of which are something he has any interest in but that didn’t seem to matter to Bo Katan who believes that right is her’s. Long story short, season 3 is going to be WILD and totally different then what we’ve come to know as The Mandalorian