Review: ‘Limitless With Chris Hemsworth’

Docuseries On Aging Pushes Hemsworth To The Physical Limits

Chris Hemsworth frequently maintains top physical shape due to his role as one of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor is compelled to follow the “Marvel diet” and adopt a God-like appearance in order to portray the God of Thunder. He is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most attractive performers and seems to never have a cheat day. Even if he is physically strong, there is always the opportunity for development. Not just to get his body camera, but also for his general well-being and longevity. And that’s what Hemsworth explores in Limitless With Chris Hemsworth Disney Plus/National Geographic new docuseries. In collaboration with Darren Aronofsky, Hemsworth examines several strategies for the long-term maintenance of a healthy body and mind.

Each hour-long episode of Limitless With Chris Hemsworth, which was filmed over a year, explores ways to slow down human aging and various tools we can employ to improve our bodies and fend against diseases. Hemsworth plays the role of the audience avatar as he learns about the various techniques by acting as a human test subject and from medical and mental health professionals who guide him through the process of how these tools affect the body. We learn about Hemsworth’s life and get to know many of his relatives and close friends as they support him throughout the process.

“Stress-Proof,” the first episode’, explores how people cope with stress. Hemsworth’s major stress test involved traversing a tower that was strikingly comparable to Philippe Petit’s traverse of the World Trade Center in the documentary Man on Wire. Hemsworth must learn to control his stress in order to overcome his fear of heights and gain the courage to walk across a skyscraper. Hemsworth discovers that leaning into stress and letting yourself manage it properly is not only good when dealing with stress at the moment, but it also impacts your physical and mental health later in life through speaking with doctors and going through various stressful situations.

How we handle body temperature is explored in the second episode, “Shock.” Swimming through the icy waters in the Artic is Hemsworth’s major challenge in this episode. Being an Australian native who frequently surfs, swimming in the icy water was definitely never on his list of things to do. Hemsworth discovers how subjecting the body to extremes of heat and cold offers medicinal advantages for extending life. Hemsworth surfs and swims in the Arctic and his brothers, who serve as his cheerleaders while he gains endurance for his 100-yard swim. Naturally, when he faces the challenge, he displays his trademark humorous charm and declares, “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

“Fasting,” the third episode, examines our relationship with eating. Even while fasting is already a pretty common way to lose weight in many parts of the world, Hemsworth explores an extreme form of it by going without food for four days straight. We discover how fasting promotes cellular repair and growth, which helps lessen sickness by boosting the immune system. While Hemsworth prepares mouthwatering meals for his family, he endures the dreadful experience of being unable to eat.

“Strength,” the fourth episode of Limitless With Chris Hemsworth, looks at how to maintain a healthy body. Hemsworth investigates unconventional methods to improve his body since he needs to prepare it for Thor: Love and Thunder, where he is at his most ripped. Over 100 feet above the ground, climbing a rope from an elevated position presented difficulty. Rope climbing is one of the hardest and most energizing exercises one can perform, Hemsworth discovers.

“Acceptance,” the concluding episode that critics were given, goes in the other direction and does not offer any methods for overcoming aging. Instead, it emphasizes aging and how it’s good for your mental and physical health to accept that you’re getting older. In this test, Hemsworth is required to reside in a fictional retirement community and wear an “old suit” that restricts his mobility and makes him feel older. In addition to feeling old because even playing table tennis is difficult for him, he had the opportunity to chat with and interact with the retirement community’s members in order to obtain insight and wisdom. This episode of Limitless With Chris Hemsworth is also the most emotional one. Hemsworth must confront his own mortality, and in exploring his feelings about family and age, we actually get to witness a very vulnerable side of him.

A visual feast awaits you in Limitless With Chris Hemsworth. The presentation is pleasing to the eye thanks to drone footage of some of the world’s most stunning locations, and Aronofsky and the production team treat us to a genuine spectacle deserving of National Geographic. There is also great use of CGI to show various parts of our bodies and display how they improve by using the tools explored. Even though the majority of the show centers on Chris and his journey (each episode ends with Chris’ plans to use the lessons learned in the future), the interviews with subject-matter experts make the program incredibly engaging. And things get really interesting when the program looks at individuals facing issues similar to his own and teaches viewers about other civilizations who often face these difficulties as a strategy of survival and adaptation.

The only criticism is that there will probably be fans of Hemsworth who may try and repeat the challenges on a mission to be more like Thor. Although each episode has a disclaimer that these challenges were done under proper supervision and not to try at home, there will still be people who think they can do it.

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth is an engaging series that explores our relationship with health and aging. It allows us to learn about tools we can use that can help improve our lives and increase longevity. Showcasing someone like Hemsworth is a smart idea as he’s often seen as someone who’s practically limitless and showcases that even the mighty Thor is afraid of getting old. The stories told are very personable and the access that Hemsworth gives (his gym is amazing!) is also very cool. Overall, the series is the perfect blend of edutainment thanks to Hemsworth’s charm and the subject matter explored.

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth is currently streaming on Disney Plus.