Box Office: ‘Black Adam’ Holds the Line. ‘One Piece Film: Red’ Premiers at #2

  1. Black Adam– $18.5M/$137.3M

Black Adam holds the top spot for what’s sure to be it’s last week at #1. Nothing personal Dwayne, but Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is coming and you’ll wanna be gone when they get here.

2. One Piece Film: Red– $9.4M

I’ve never been on the anime train but those that are seem to absolutely love it, there is no middle ground. I’m not shaming it, honestly I wish I “got it” more then I do because most of themes are right up my alley and the animation is almost always gorgeous. Still, all of the devotee’s of One Piece weren’t enough to get this latest feature offering into the number 1 spot….still, a $9M opening doesn’t seem so bad for something with such a niche audience.

3. Ticket to Paradise– $8.5M/$46.7M

4. Smile– $4M/$99.1M

Barring a catastrophic 7th week for the underdog horror film we should see this one hit the admirable $100M mark this time next week. In a time when genre films are mostly relegated to streaming it’s damn good to see one hit a solid homer.

5. Prey for the Devil– $3.8M/$13.6M

6. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile– $3.3M/$36.5M

7. The Banshees of Inisherin– $2M/$3M

8. Till– $1.8M/$6.5M

9. Halloween Ends– $1.4M/$63.4M

10. Terrifier 2– $1.2M/$9.8M